D’angelico 2002 NYL-5, Blonde. 17”body. 3” depth. 25.5” scale length.
These don't come up verty often

Ithas been  refretted with jumbo stainless steel frets which has transformed it into one of the best guitars Nigel has played.

It's a Vestax made by the legendary luthier Hidesdato Shiino.

It can be heard on 'Head & Tales Vol. 2' and seen on a few vids online.

One here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGuLayQuf7k
It was 100% immaculate when I bought it. It’s still in fantastic condition but there are now a couple of little knocks in the lacquer around the socket. nothing serious.

Instant mojo with this guitar , owned played and recorded on and by one of Bebops great touring guitarists Nigel Price

Nigel Price D ' Angelico 2002 NYL

3 500,00£Prix