Leonardo Manni

Beautiful handcrafted archtops from Italy 
please just ask for price and build time 

The Navona



Signature Daniele Cordisco




Body:                         17’’, 3’’ deep


Top:                           Italian spruce, highest quality, tap tuning

Back and sides:         Flamed Maple, highest quality, tap tuning

Linings:                      reverse

Bracing:                     X–bracing, split seasoned spruce

F holes:                      Modern – side soundport with ebony cover

Binding:                     solid flamed maple with multiple fine b/w purflings

Neck:                         Flamed Maple, quarter sawn, laminated with ebony

Trussrod:                   double action

Fretboard:                  ebony with binding and purflings, 16’’ radius

Frets:                         stainless steel or nickel

Nut:                           bone

Diapason:                  25″  

Bridge:                      ebony, original design

Tailpiece:                  Solid Makassar Ebony,original design with flamed maple wedges

Inlays:                       Custom Acanthus leaf, sign Manni, inlay signature Cordisco, fingerprint LML

Pickup:                      Floating, on request kent Armstrong/ CC / Dearmond Replica

Tuners:                      Schaller gold M6 mini with ebony knobs

Fingerrest:                 Solid Makassar Ebony, original design with flamed maple wedge

Finish:                       Gloss, honey blonde with natural bindings

Case:                          Reunion Blues


A base model of Navona is also available on request

The Trevi





Body:                         16’’, 2-1/2’’ deep


Top:                            Italian Spruce, highest quality,tap tuning

Back:                          flamed maple, tap tuning

Sides:                         flamed maple

Bracing:                     Parallel, split seasoned spruce

F holes:                      Trevi, original design

Binding:                     solid maple with b/w purflings

Neck:                          flamed maple

Trussrod:                    double action

Fretboard:                   ebony, radius 12’’ /  16’’

Nut:                             bone

Diapason:                   25″  

Frets:                          nickel, 21

Bridge:                       ebony, original design

Tailpiece:                   ebony, original design or standard

Inlays:                        LML fingerprint abalone or mop, more on request

Pickup:                       PAF Humbucker/Lollar C.Christian, built in

Tuners:                       Schaller Grandtune / M6

Fingerrest:                  ebony, design Trevi

Finish:                        Gloss/satin, Honey Blonde

Case:                           Reunion Blues